Our Services

Virtual Office

A virtual office allows you to work from home but still win big name clients and provides a really affordable solution for creating a better first impression.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office allows you to get a business address, post collection and forwarding, and a professional call answering service to ensure your clients are given a quality service. 

You have the benefit of not having to use your home address and risk clients turning up at your house and you can appear a lot bigger than you actually are.

The Stables Business Centre is not just about a great business address, our virtual office provides the flexibility to create the ideal package for your business.  

Our prices are simple and transparent, you can choose a basic package and add more virtual options when you need them.

Serviced Office

Growing company that needs office space without the overheads of a private office.

Meeting Spaces

Whether you need to conduct an interview, hold a sales meeting or meet with customers or colleagues.

What makes us different?

Unlike some services, we won’t make you stick to rigid packages for your virtual services.

Our packages start from just 1 month rolling contracts so you’re not tied in to lengthy contracts making it ideal for small but growing companies. 

If you need just a business address or a professional receptionist to handle your calls, then we can do that.

Additional Notes:

    Mail Forwarding/Handling

    • We will notify you when we receive post on your behalf and we will keep it for you until it is convenient for you to collect.
    • There is a 20% handling charge on postage costs including special delivery, recorded delivery and courier charges etc., that you may specify
    • Only one forwarding address per virtual office can be used
    • You can use only one company name per virtual office

    Call Forwarding

    • You receive a VoIP number which is dedicated to all virtual offices
    • All your calls are answered as ‘The Stables Business Centre’ and diverted to your preference.
    • We can forward calls to you for free which you answer through your APP and you can also make calls from the APP which will show your business number and not your mobile number.
    • Any calls from your APP to our receptionist on the business line are free of charge provided you have Wi-Fi access.
    • Any calls made from the APP to landlines or mobiles will be charged at the appropriate rate.


    • Office monthly charges must be paid by direct debit in advance
    • You must sign an office terms agreement
    • No refund will be made if you leave your virtual office before the rolling monthly expiry period